Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Figured out i hvnt.......Ok not gonna use the same opening line again..But today i realised that i have only one post every season. My previous update was during the winter and its spring now. It's either time passes like a fart or i am a lazy ass. Yea its spring now which means sunshine baby. Woohoo! Its been very depressing during the winter because of the absence of the sun. The day starts late and the night starts early. Regardless of how much i sleep at night once i see the moon the sleepiness deep in my body crawls out and turns me into a pig. And now with the sun i can be a roasted pig. Ok too much craps. Been working like crazy recently. Selling pancake to those lazy ass are willing to pay $9.90 for 2 pancakes and an ice cream topping while they could just buy a pancake mix and make the pancakes at home. But who cares, they are my source of income. So come to the restaurant people. You get pancake i get KaChing KaChing. How cool is that.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Ok figured i hvnt updated my blog for a few months after a nudge from someone. You know who you are. Jangan smile by your own there. Jangan..So i am currently having my winter holiday. The weather is pretty fickle. It might be freezing cold in the morning but it turns so hot during the day. Its like living in two seasons at the same time, winter in the morning and summer in the afternoon. Wanted to go skiing but who knows the plan bailed. Finished my winter course which only took me 2 days. What the heck. What am i gonna do during this two and a half man......erm i mean one and a half month. damn it too much tv these days. If i knew that people are going back i would have gone back as well. Fortunately i have found a job in a pancake restaurant. Yes pancake. Pan in a cake or cake in a pan its up to you. In short pancake. Need to earn some money to increase my food supply. Ha. Ok i know some of you are thinking i am too fat to eat that much especially now after you see this. I know i know. eh please lah. I need that layer of fat to keep me warm and walk confidently (because i dont use pantene) when the cold and strong gust strikes. Be more considerate please.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Finally a sunny day today after days of cold autumn..Weather here is really unpredictable. It may be sunny in the morning, when you decide to go out for a walk, the rain may fall just when you step one of your feet outside your hosue..or the weather may be cold, you wear 2 shirts with a jacket and step your foot out, the sun comes basically i am betting against the weather ben has gone back to sibu, i am pretty sure little si bui will be pointed soon..haha..and guys, especially rachel, please dont put any music in your blog, i have limited internet here lah..i might used up the internet for a week after viewing them..

Sunday, January 16, 2011

After months

Didnt realise that i have not updated my blog for 4 months..the last post was just a few weeks after i reached here..and now, i am going back in just 48 hours..same luggage, different smell..yuck..the past few months have been extraordinary..lived in a different country, went to university, tried food from different places (vietnamese food and italian food are so good), danced in the dance club and what is the best was meeting Suga Pop(a member of the Electric Boogaloo, one of the best in popping)..its really a life changing experience..learned so much..a true dancer, a living legend..respect to the its 2011 now..never thought of any new year resolution..just gonna let things go the way they are going to flow with me trying to control the current..

Here you are, Swinburne funk with Suga Pop

Monday, August 30, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Aussie post

So, second week at Melbourne. Attended lectures, tutorials, rode to campus by bus and train. Never thought that i would be using so much and so much more bus and train in my life. 5 minutes walk to the bus station, another 5 minutes to the train station with bus, 15 minutes to campus with the train. I only need 10 minutes to SMK Methodist from home. But 25 minutes is considered a short distance here. Witnessed a hip hop battle between Swinburne and RMIT yesterday. And its the first time i see airflare or 大风车 in Mandarin and headspin right in front of me. I can only say its amazing. Go bboy pat, bboy yiik and bboy pao. Hehe. Gonna stop here. See ya mate.